Submit an Idea

Our goal at the Innovation Lab is to work with inventors to help them get their ideas or products to market.  Inventors receive a percentage of net proceeds once the product goes to market as indicated on the “Disclosure Form”.  There is no cost for submitting an idea and the Innovation Lab bears all the costs for the evaluation, development, and commercialization of the idea.  There is no cost to the inventor.  This is significant!  The Lab will bear all the risks and cost for the development and will determine the best path to take your product to market.  Most exits are via license agreements, but we can also work on co-development agreements, sell the idea to an industry partner, or stand up a new company.

We will work with inventors that have ideas, concepts, or products that are at any stage of development:

  • Nascent idea on piece of paper.
  • Have existing prototype.
  • Have product with patent that’s ready to go to market.

The first step in the process is to submit your idea by filling out a “Disclosure Form”.  To do this, click on the link below.  Once the “Disclosure Form” is received at the Innovation Lab our team of PhD’s and tech transfer staff will evaluate it to determine if it has market potential.  They will be in contact with you and provide a full assessment based on their evaluation.  It’s easy to submit an idea and it could result in a significant financial reward.  Everybody has had an idea on how to make something better or how to solve a problem but have not known where to take it.  Now is your opportunity to work with subject matter experts at the Innovation Lab that can take your idea to market.  Submit an idea!  It’s easy…


Anyone can submit a healthcare idea! No one knows where the next great idea may come from. Everyone can innovate and submit a healthcare invention to the Innovation Lab.

How To Submit An Idea