Healthcare Coding & Consulting Services

Healthcare Coding & Consulting Services (HCCS) is an HIM coding, auditing and consulting company founded upon uncompromising values and dedicated to the clients it serves, and to each other. HCCS is comprised of a full-time team of top domestic, certified and specialized coders to provide accurate and timely coding of all hospital services on a backup or total outsource basis.

We provide quality coding and consulting support to a wide variety of clients throughout the United States. Our services assist our clients in processing their medical record charts, from patient discharge through the billing cycle, both accurately and promptly.

We exist to provide:

Accurate coding that complies with all CMS and regional coding guidelines.

Legitimate revenue is being realized from all payers.

Patient charts are processed through the coding and billing cycle as quickly as possible.

To ensure high quality, HCCS provides its coders with the best tools and invests heavily in their ongoing development. Coding accuracy, which is HCCS’s first priority, is crucial to compliance and the capture of all legitimate revenue. Acting not as a staffing company, but as an extension of the hospital’s own HIM Department, HCCS has proven that it can have an immediate and positive impact on any facility’s revenue cycle.


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