LRVHealth – Growth Fund

Building solutions that improve people’s lives

What is the opportunity?

The Innovation Institute, managed by successful healthcare company builders, is adding a growth fund to its platform of healthcare innovation solutions. In addition to its existing 15 hospital services companies and technology incubator, the LRVHealth - Growth Fund will allow 3rd party investors to leverage the Institute's national network of 6 hospital system owners (a constellation of 100+ hospitals and 550+ outpatient and specialty clinics) to enjoy market leading investment returns while making a meaningful impact on healthcare.

What is the Health Fund?

The LRVHealth - Growth Fund will capitalize on the fund managers’ experience and the success of The Innovation Institute over the past 4 years. The LRVHealth - Growth Fund will invest in early growth-stage companies across the healthcare spectrum: medical devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, healthcare IT and technology-enabled services. These areas reflect the expertise of the partners, who will take active roles as board members of their portfolio companies.

What are the key value drivers for the Health Fund?

The Innovation Institute’s company growth experience and access to its 6 hospital system network will de-risk investments as compared to what a typical fund manager can offer. This will amplify the ability of the LRVHealth - Growth Fund to scale and achieve outstanding returns for investors.