Scott Rogoff is a physical therapist at St. Jude Medical Center but started as an aspiring soccer player. He chose PT after years of recurrent ankle injuries hindered his dream of playing for US national soccer team. Scott was inspired to create a product that makes it easy for patients and PTs to rehab the ankle and prevent re-injury and set out to develop the Dynamic Ankle Rehabilitation Therapy (DART) device.

DART stands apart from other products in this category because it provides accurate angles of resistance, stabilizes the lower extremity to reduce overcompensation by other muscles, positions patients more comfortably and is designed for easy use both in the clinic or at home.

Scott’s prototype was not optimized for widespread use. So, we worked with him to iterate design and refine the product. The look and feel of DART have evolved, but the original core functions of Scott’s prototype remain. Two issued US patents (US 9561395 & US 9616275) cover the novel design features of DART.

St. Joseph



As a lifelong athlete suffering from chronic ankle injuries, Scott knew firsthand the inadequacies of the status quo in ankle rehab. His passion for precise therapy fueled him to become a physical therapist and carries through today. Realizing that effective and efficient ankle therapy is driven by angles of resistance, Scott focused his energy on identifying the optimal angles and movements. After creating a proof of concept in his garage with the aid of a friend and a welding machine, he brought his idea to the Innovation Lab to make it market ready.

Market Opportunity

The US market for in-clinic and at-home ankle rehab devices is approaching $110M, driven largely by aging demographics and an increase in the number of individuals leading active lifestyles. The go-to-market strategy for DART is to out-license the technology to an industry partner who has distribution and sales presence in both the clinical and direct to consumer retail spaces.

About the Innovator


Scott M. Rogoff, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS, is an accomplished physical therapist at St. Jude Medical Center. He treats all areas of the body - ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder and elbow. He joined St. Jude after completing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) in 2009 with high honors and was recruited into the prestigious orthopedic manual residency program during his first year in the clinic. Scott is lead therapist and is involved in patient-oriented programs for the rehab center and community based wellness programs. He enjoys educating and helping patients to ensure optimal health. Outside of work, Scott enjoys exercising, watching or participating in sports, golf, playing guitar, cooking, BBQ and spending time with family and friends.

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