Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To cultivate innovative solutions in collaboration with others, transforming healthcare by doing more, with less, for more people.

What do we mean by “doing more, with less, for more people”?

  • Do more / Our mission is about creating new value for individuals and communities across the health spectrum from illness to wellness
  • With less / Our mission requires being more mindful of limited resources in an era of unsustainable costs, and finding more efficient ways of delivering quality care.
  • For more people / Our mission broadens our capability to sustainably aid and care not just for those who have access to resources, but for those most in need—and least served.

The Innovation Response

Within the field of healthcare innovation, there is a great deal to learn from other cutting–edge thinkers and organizations, both in healthcare and within other industries. The importance of fostering innovation in organizations is not new. It is, however, a growth necessity for the most successful organizations.

Historically, innovation has often led to increased costs, especially in healthcare, where many organizations have “looked at need, but been blind to cost” (Paul Yock, MD, Stanford). Increasingly, these growing costs are simply unsustainable, even among the affluent. It is for this reason we must apply innovative thinking to significantly reduce costs while maintaining high quality care. We must continue serving existing communities, but increase the number of people we serve, and serve them all more effectively.

Our Vision

To become a significant and successful vehicle for growth and innovation for our investment partners and founders.

Our Values

At their core, our Values are inspired by our Institute’s Mission and Vision; they are what we believe in and what we bind ourselves to, and they strengthen us in our pursuit to ‘do more, with less, for more people’. The Innovation Institute holds the values of teamwork, honesty and excellence above all others as our inspirational guides.


We strengthen each other through a network of collaboration, demonstrating oneness of purpose and proving that the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.


We adhere firmly to an ethical and professional code of conduct based on honesty and respect for the people with whom we interact.


We pursue quality in innovation with a spirit of courageous service, responding to pressure with grace, and building failure into future success.