The Innovation Institute is a for-profit, limited liability company owned by non-profit health systems (our equity owners or “Member Owners”). The Innovation Institute is authorized to have seven “Member Owners” as investors. The minimum investment required to be Member Owner is $10 million. This can be a cash investment, or a combination of cash and asset contribution. The Innovation Institute has a unique business model that has allowed it to be profitable from Day One by holding a portfolio of service companies that sell services to hospitals and health systems internationally. The profits from these service companies are reinvested in innovation. There is no requirement that Member Owners use these companies.

The Institute is a “perpetual company,” established to focus on innovation into perpetuity for the benefit of those systems that invest. In other words, there is no planned liquidity event to ever go public with an IPO, sell the company, or merge it.

Non-profit healthcare systems that invest in the Innovation Institute. These equity investors receive a pro-rata share of profit distributions based upon their investment. Each Member Owner gets a seat on the Members Committee.

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