HTG – Healthcare Technology Group

HTG - Healthcare Technology GroupHealthcare Technology Group (HTG) is an advocate for leveling the playing field in healthcare technology management. Our mission is to use a combination of our expertise, innovation, and healthcare technology knowledge to unlock the greatest savings and efficiencies in medical equipment management. We take on the burden of managing the life-cycle costs of your medical equipment so that clinical staff can focus on delivering world-class care and optimizing outcomes for their patients.

At HTG, we are 100% committed to the business needs of our clients. We work to help reduce costs and optimize their healthcare technology management program, empowering clients to make the most informed decisions as it relates to medical equipment acquisition, utilization and disposition.

In an industry heavily influenced by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), we deliver independent, unbiased alternatives to healthcare technology management. We will always conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity and professionalism to build lasting relationships and create ongoing success for our partners.

Core Business

Our strength is driven by our combined 100 years of experience in the management and maintenance of medical devices across the entire healthcare technology spectrum. We offer flexible, client-specific programs to meet every need for the effective management of all medical equipment assets in an organization.

Products & Services

  • Clinical Asset Management Solutions (CAMS)
Comprehensive service delivery strategy and plan, flexible management and custom service and maintenance solutions at the individual device level, empowering clients to make the best decisions based on utilization, service delivery and cost.
  • Healthcare Technology Consulting
A comprehensive analysis of a client’s current service delivery strategy, medical equipment management roadmap across the entire medical equipment spectrum, provide a broad range of medical equipment management options without compromising quality of care, improving clinical staff satisfaction, and optimizing patient outcomes
  • Healthcare Technology Management Temporary Labor

    Partner with organizations to deliver temporary labor agreements during technical staff shortages, management vacancies, and periods of heavy maintenance requirements, including planned maintenance and unexpected corrective repairs.

Value Proposition

As a leader in Healthcare Technology Management, HTG is committed to continuous improvement through a focus on innovation, quality and service excellence. We work closely with our clients to remain on the cutting edge of technology, exist as a stronger competitive force in their respective markets and focus on lowering their overall operating costs. HTG seeks to level the playing field for small and mid-sized hospital segments, an often underserved segment in the HTM industry.

Key Factors

  • Collaboration – understand customer needs and develop solutions
  • Creativity – insights into flexible service solutions
  • Experience – years of results-driven expertise
  • Integrity – advocates for clients, not contracts