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By George Hampton

george-hampton-tka-president-for-technationCarrying a tool kit is everyday life for a healthcare technology management (HTM) professional. We all do it or did it. If you do it long enough (for me that was 16 years), you might have an opportunity to move into a leadership position. It’s a major decision, and one rife with uncertainties. Moving from hourly to salary seems to be foremost in most candidates’ minds, you can do the math, and it’s possible to calculate a first year loss of income when considering no overtime pay. More responsibility is a less tangible worry. You will be the face of your program. Earning the respect of your peers in this new role is also a matter for concern. I hope I haven’t painted a hopeless picture. All of these concerns can be overcome with the right attitude and a bit of aptitude, which is the point of this article. More…