TechNation | Tech Knowledge: Understanding the Bottom Line

By Jeff Niederhausen

Whether you are a technician or in management, keeping the financial bottom line in mind in everyday business is an important part of creating a superior or great biomedical program. It doesn’t make a difference if you are an in-house group or working for a third-party vendor. In today’s health care environment, every dollar counts and can make or break a biomed program.

The days of being the “fix it” people hidden in the basement of the facility have long left us. The age of “what have you done for me lately” is in and we in biomed must step up to the plate to prove we are true partners with our hospitals or customers. In my career, I have heard it said on numerous occasions, “… not sure how much biomed is costing me, but I know it’s too much!” Nobody wants to be told that, so the importance of being partners who understand the financial picture increases drastically, while keeping our patient always in mind. More…