Our Global Investment Fund

Tristar Health Partners

The Innovation Institute’s fund, Nashville based TriStar Health Partners, is working hand-in-glove with The Institute’s leadership to help our healthcare innovation fund globally, under the banner “TriStar Fund III”.

The Institute’s TriStar Health Partners focus on transformational innovation being guided by world-class management across the continuum of healthcare:  life sciences, diagnostics, medical devices and technologies, healthcare IT and healthcare services.

The Innovation Institute’s TriStar Fund, amplifies our ability to positively impact our portfolio companies by bringing us closer to the healthcare market through The Innovation Institute’s Member Owners.

Access to The Institute’s Member Owners (health systems) provides:

  • Enhanced diligence on potential investments — more feedback, data and information faster
  • Guidance on company strategy and execution with experts nationwide in care delivery
  • Early adopters, traction, and potential customers for portfolio companies

To learn more about TriStar and how it serves our investors, email us by clicking the following link: Email Us