The Lab

As the true heart of The Innovation Institute, the Innovation Lab is dedicated to launching new products and services that improve the health of the people in our communities and around the globe. The Innovation Lab includes both a physical space to bring people together and programs that enable them to transform care. Here, we are building a vibrant community that includes the Members of The Innovation Institute, a spectrum of industry partners, and world-class research teams. We have unprecedented connectivity with a large base of consumers, healthcare professionals, and resources to achieve commercial success.

The Innovation Lab invites you to join in leading the transformation of healthcare through innovation.

The Lab provides its members and partners with meeting space for small and large group innovation. Take a look at the Lab Event Planning Kit for more information.

Where Do The Ideas Come From?

Often times these ideas come from physicians, nurses or other clinicians on the front line that have ideas on how to improve care delivery but have nowhere to take their ideas. With the Innovation Institute, inventors can fill out an “Inventor Disclosure Form” to submit their idea and have it evaluated. If the idea has merit, the inventor will receive significant financial rewards through equity, royalties or other means, depending on the circumstances. Ideas can be submitted by anyone.

If you have an idea, go to the “Got an Idea?” page on our website to submit it. There is no risk to the inventor. If we think the idea has merit and then invest in concept development, only to see it not succeed, you’ve lost nothing. We take all the risk. Conversely, if your idea is good and goes to market, you have significant upside. So let us know your ideas!

How Do Ideas Get Evaluated?

The Innovation Institute employs a wide range of individuals with unique skill sets and training for the assessment of ideas across a broad spectrum of areas. The Innovation Institute employs doctoral experts, physicians, tech transfer experts, and MBA’s who work directly with inventors. In addition, we have a Strategic Alliance agreement with the Cleveland Clinic, which provides specific subject matter experts who can evaluate the scientific and market potential for particular ideas. As part of the evaluation, we also obtain patents for the concept and assist in product development to determine the best way to take the idea to market.

What Other Ways Does The Institute Promote Innovation?

There are several ways that The Innovation Institute promotes innovation, including the following:
  • Evaluates inventor ideas
  • Hosts events at the Innovation Lab in Newport Beach
  • Sets up “Challenges” using the Brightidea social ideation software
    • Challenges can be held for an individual hospital, a health system, across multiple health systems, or can be used to engage the public
    • Challenges may be built around a new technology or they can be focused on finding a solution to a specific problem
  • Facilitates innovation at the Lab
    • The Lab will host sessions by bringing in subject matter experts, facilitators, and clinicians to work on a specific problem state
    • These sessions may be held over multiple days
  • Product “co-development” with industry partners
    • There will be opportunities to work directly with industry partners to co-develop products