These are healthcare companies that are not equity owners. They provide “underwriting” or “sponsorship” financial support for the cost of operating the Lab. These companies will have various benefits based on the level of financial support they provide to the Innovation Lab.

Underwriter Benefits

  Founder Partner
* AffilateMembership Level attributes and benefits of particpation will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
Voice of the Customer    
Facilitation & Round Tables w/Members Committee  
Facilitation & Round Tables w/ Members CxOs
Focus Groups with Clinical/Administration 5/yr 2/yr
Focus Groups with Patients/Clients 3/yr 1/yr
Digital Access to Healthcare Professionals
Business Collaboration & Development    
First Look at Portfolio/Idea Pipeline  
Co-Development/ Joint Development
Social Ideation Challenges 3 Challenges 1 Challenge
Open Innovation Participation
Industry Partner Cross-Collaboration
Innovation Home    
External Use (customer events, visits) 10/yr 4/yr
Internal Use (retreats, training, meetings) 10/yr 4/yr
Use of Simulation Area Scheduled As Available
Innovation Lab & Industry Partner Meetings
Marketing & Advertising    
Reception Wall Recognition  
Exhibit Showcase Area 2 Panels 1 Panel
Annual Conference Full Access Partial Access
PR and Advertising Featured Included
Website Recognition
Additional Benefits    
Sector Exclusivity  
Due Diligence Access No
Co-Investment Rights Preemptive Secondary
Licensing Opportunities